Jelly Ombre Lip and Big Doll Lashes (feat. Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited)

It’s said two-toned lips are in this season. But I’ve been doing them for so long I wouldn’t know the difference, honestly.

I don’t usually use glosses to do ombre lips, because there usually isn’t enough of a visual contrast. But when I saw a very dark shimmery wine shade in the Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited range, I immediately thought “stained jelly lips!”

@ohporscha: It actually stayed pretty defined using the Shu glosses, because of the gel like texture. In fact I had to use my finger to spread it out when I just applied it, as pressing my lips together didn’t smoosh the glosses together.

The Lips

In the grand tradition of the great Uemura-san himself, I swopped things around and did my lips before my eyes. Uemura believed a lip color could be applied first and thereafter be the deciding factor for the eye and cheek makeup you choose.)

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I’ll try it!!!

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